The concept of photography is unbelievable. The instant the shutter is pressed you have captured the most fleeting of energies, forever, within a neat, little frame. A square of frozen light capable of stimulating every sense we possess using nothing more than memories.

Photography is also extremely therapeutic - a mixture of creativity, technical skill and patience. It lures you to the wildest places and unveils incredible beauty while developing an appreciation within you of things you never even knew existed.

With a camera in your hand, the world becomes a spectacular eruption of colours and shapes. Never again will you overlook the shimmering iridescence of a beetle's carapace or the stream of light filling a breaking wave. You will find a photo in everything you see and create an endless line of challenges to conquer and achieve. The arduous search for the subject, the early rises to catch that golden light, and the breathless pause before the perfect moment... It can't be beaten, nothing could possibly be more satisfying. It is a primeval instinct to hunt and I reckon photography fulfils it like nothing else.

Photography captures more than just an instantaneous point in time. It preserves the past so that others may witness, feel and appreciate those very special moments that meant so much to you.

This gallery is the result of several years of photographing everything that shone into my camera.

I hope you like my photos and please let me know what you think in my guestbook!